Private English Conversation Lessons

If you wish to learn English while having the full and undivided attention of your own native English speaker, this is the class we recommend. The curriculum is designed for quick progress, with special attention to Grammar, Linguistics and of course practice… conversation! A private English teacher is not a luxury. It is a requirement of our modern, globalized lifestyle. Special pricing is available as part of our new Spring Campaign. Please inquire and get together with an English Teacher that really fits your needs!

English Conversation Lessons, Groups of two.

Sometimes you want to learn but at the same time have a little bit of fun. Isn’t that right? Why not bring a friend along? Learning English in a group of two sounds like a good time! Here again, special pricing is available as part of our new Spring campaign. Have the itch to start learning English? Bring a friend along and you will both receive a rebate.

English Conversation Lessons, Groups of 3-4.

Groups of 3 to 4 students are ideal for nurturing back and forth and for putting into practice the skills you have acquired. They come highly recommended. Each student benefits from a much lower price per individual.